Mincing knives (or mezza lunas)

Looking almost as terrifying as the cleaver, the mincing knife will be far more useful in most home kitchens. Also known as the mezza luna because of its distinctive half-moon shape, it’s used for finely chopping vegetables and herbs.

Also, despite looking like an instrument of torture, it’s actually very safe to use as it minces by being rocked from side to side rather than slicing. Keeping the knife down on the surface of the chopping board and using two hands to operate it means that it’s unlikely you’ll accidentally cut yourself.


Recommended mincing knives

Stainless Steel Mezzaluna Knife Rocking Vegetable Chopper

This stainless steel mincer that will make short work of garlic and herbs as they sit on the cutting board, and will put fruit and vegetables in their place.

The double ergonomic hand gives added comfort while mincing, and even better, following a quick rinse first, it’s dishwasher safe.

Definitely at the lower end of the price range too, which is doubly-good news.

Amazon buyer rating 4.8/5

J.A. Henckels Two-Piece Mincing Set

From one of the great names in German knife manufacturing, this two-piece set will add a touch of class to any kitchen. The distinctive twin logo adorning this set will prove that the owner cares about kitchen kit. It’s not the traditional look of a mezza luna, but it does the job just as well.

The two-piece mincing/chopping set for herbs, spices and nuts is a beautiful 8-inch square hardwood board with circular bowl, and a stainless-steel double-bladed mincing knife, with four rubber feet to ensure it won’t slide around the table.

The stainless steel 5-inch blades will make short work of what’s put underneath. The curved, contoured handles are designed for maximum efficiency, adding a sure grip. Corrosion resistant, handwash is recommended.

Amazon buyer rating 4.5/5


Reinhoffer 12-inch Stainless Steel Double Handle Crescent Chopper Blade Mezzaluna Knife and Pizza Cutter Rocker

The result of much research into the optimum blade and made with highest-quality stainless steel, this beauty makes light work of any kitchen task it’s designed for.

The double 4-inch handles means short work is made of fruits, herbs, meats, cheeses.

The large 12-inch blade – one of the largest on the market – is perfect for cutting pizza and is safe when dicing food as it’s nearly impossible to slice your fingers when using this equipment.

It’s small enough for your utensil drawer and light enough to sit on a magnetic knife strip.  Grab both handles, and rock back and forth until everything is at the dimensions you need, then wipe the blade and it’s ready to go again.

Amazon buyer rating 4.8/5


Alaskan Ulu

A true American knife, manufactured in Anchorage, Alaska, Ulu knives are designed to increase dexterity and leverage, making cuts simpler and easier. They have been used for centuries by the indigenous peoples.

The large, easy-to-grip wooden handle holds a 6-inch blade that performs culinary chores easily, and is perfect for those who prefer using a one-handed mincer or if one hand is weak.

It is also easily sharpened, and comes with its own knife stand in a variety of woods and an instruction book.

Amazon buyer rating 4.8/5




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