Peeling knives

Similar in size and function to the paring knife, peeling knives are distinguished by a downward curve to their short blades, resembling a straightened-out hook.

They’re used, as the name implies, for removing skin from vegetables and fruit, with the downward point being intended for removing blemishes.

The knife is also used for preparing vegetables into a particular shape, known as a ‘tourné cut’. Personally, we find life too short to do this, but you can get a good indication on how to do it from the video below.


Recommended peeling knives

Mercer Culinary Genesis 2.5-Inch Forged Peeling/Tourne Knife

From one of the biggest names in kitchen utensils, this little beauty has an ergonomic hand for superior comfort and non-slip grip, which is what you need when peeling potatoes and moving a sharp blade next to your hands.

The high-carbon no-stain German steel is corrosion and discoloration-resistant, and will not be affected by kitchen oils and temperatures.

Precision-forged to offer increased strength and durability, the taper-ground edge allows for even more stability, easy honing, and increased efficiency. Comes with limited lifetime warranty.

Amazon buyer rating 4.8/5


Wusthof Classic Ikon 2 3/4 Inch Birds Beak Peeling Knife



Of several peeling knives made by the German brand, this is among the most popular.
Precision-forged from piece of high-carbon stainless steel for added toughness, the full tang along the triple-riveted handle allows for even more precise control.

Precision technology gives a blade that according to the manufacturer is 20% sharper and will retain its edge for twice the usual length of time. It’s a popular item with rave reviews.

It’s ideal for peeling, cleaning or (for those with the time and ambition) shaping fruits or vegetables.

Amazon buyer rating 4.9/5


Precision Kitchenware Dual Julienne and Vegetable Peeler

If you find using a proper knife too tiring when peeling large numbers of vegetables, then the Precision Kitchenware Julienne Vegetable peeler may suit you better.

This little baby makes quick work of a potato, carrot or parsnip, shredding the huge demands of say, Thanksgiving Dinner prep like, well, the vegetables that will need to be peeled.

It’s got high quality stainless steel blades that will make short work of anything that needs peeled. This particular model also comes with emailed easy-to-follow, fully-illustrated recipes.

A good option when getting the young ones started in the kitchen.

Amazon buyer rating 4.6/5






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