Utility knives

Utility knives can have a multitude of different names, including serrated utility knife, flexible serrated knife, tomato knife or even sandwich knife. That gives you some indication of just how useful a utility knife is!

This type of knife looks like a smaller version of a bread knife, often but not always with a serrated blade between four and seven inches in length.

It’s great for slicing through fruits and vegetables without tearing and for smaller bread items such as bagels or sandwiches.

It’s also perfect for peeling oranges and other citrus fruit as the serrated blade will help grip as it cuts.

Recommended utility knives

J.A. Henckels International Classic 6-inch Utility Knife

Another great workhorse of the kitchen, this knife is perfect for small, precision jobs on the cutting board, and is great for cutting vegetables, fruits or a thick sandwich.

The blade and bolster are made from high-carbon German stainless steel that has been hot-drop forged for added resilience.

The polypropylene handle has been made with a rustproof triple rivet handle with a full tang that adds to the strength.

Amazon buyer rating 4.6/5

Zelite Infinity Utility Knife 6-inch

It’s hard to know if you’d use this strikingly beautiful piece of kit or simply sit and admire it!

With a Japanese VG10 Super Steel high-carbon stainless steel blade that’s been cooled in liquid nitrogren for added hardness, this non-stick knife is stain and rust-resistant, with a Tsunami Rose Damascus Pattern and a three-metal mosaic rivet.

There’s a secure and comfortable grip with the ergonomically-designed rounded handle and a tapered bolster for safe cutting, slicing and dicing with a tool that’s a pleasure to use.

Amazon buyer rating 4.9/5

Tuo Ring 6-inch Pro Damascus Utility Knife

Another Japanese VG10 Damascus steel blade, this knife is the perfect marriage of form and function that will be a pleasure to hand down to future generations.

The cylinder construction no-slip handle helps avoid muscle fatigue and so helps to cut down on potential accidents.

Edge-retentive and rust-resistant, it has a 15 degree cutting angle for superior performance and easy maintenance.

Painstakingly-assembled, and dipped in liquid nitrogen for additional strength and durability, the knife stays sharp for a long time.

Amazon buyer rating 4.9/5


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